Andrew Buchanan’s update, Summer 2015


Images from Andrew Buchanan

Andrew Buchanan from ArtyFacts has been using Smart Photo Editor for many years and has contributed many effects to the Smart Photo Editor Effects gallery. He is still very busy and enjoying his work with Smart Photo Editor.

He wanted to share his ongoing work with the Smart Photo Editor community, so here is his latest album. Check out the effects he has used from Smart Photo Editor.

Creating flyers for advertising to High School Seniors with Smart Photo Editor.

As a professional photographer, you may be wondering how you can offer a good deal to your Class of 2015 Seniors for their high school senior portraits this coming year, and still be competitive.

One way you can do this is to offer them some unique portrait editing and photo effects with Smart Photo Editor.
The photography software is full of great, creative effects for all kinds of images.

Check out the Portrait Pro blog for some of our other ideas, but why not use Smart Photo Editor to create some cool montages for flyers, and use them to promote your business to local schools.

Montage of Senior Portraits to advertise a photography studio in schools
Montage of Senior Portraits to advertise a photography studio in schools

It’s really easy to create a flyer with Smart Photo Editor. The software guides you easily through the process. Simply select from the File menu, New Montage. For details on how to create a Basic montage, see our earlier post.

Use your portrait editing skills, and Portrait Pro 12 to enhance your subjects. Then use Smart Photo Editor to get some really cool effects on their images.  You can even make composite images to put them in a different background. Check it out here.

Composite image of High School Senior girl in Chicago Skyline background, with Smart Photo Editor effect of oil painting
Composite image, with added oil painting effect. 

You’ll be the most innovative and interesting Seniors’ portrait photographer in the area.

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