Turn your Landscapes into Breath-taking Scenes in Seconds with Smart Photo Editor

beforeandafterCheck out the tutorial below to find out how to turn your images into stunning landscapes with just a few clicks.Untitled-14Open your image up in Smart Photo Editor, click on the Effects Gallery button on the top right. Find the Effect Photosmart Clarity and click OK.Untitled-15Click the Effects Gallery button again and this time look for the Effect Pop, adjust the Master slider for the Effect to suit your image., click OK when done.

Your image is now done, don’t forget to save the Session incase you want to come back to it at a later date.

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Quick guide to watercolour effect on photos

Everyone gets stuck in a rut at some point, and it can be frustrating especially as a photographer when your photographs just aren’t working for you anymore.

Sometimes you just need to play around with your photos, have fun and relax rather than working yourself up over it not going how you imagine. Smart Photo Editor can help you do exactly that. There are so many effects some won’t work for you but some are just perfect.

One amazing style you can put onto your photos if watercolour effects, transforming your photo instantly into a realistic looking digital painting.

The Steps

Once you have opened your image in Smart Photo Editor

image 1

On the top right of your screen is a button of the effects gallery.

image 2

This is what your screen should look like.

On the left, you can refine down the effects to what you are looking for, I am looking for watercolour effects.

image 3

Now the results are narrowed down you can just flick through and pick your favourite one, it doesn’t have to be perfect as you can edit the effects, once you have clicked on one. On the left effect controls, where you can adjust the effects, once you are happy press ok for the effect to me used on your photo.

image 4

Once the effect has been applied to can edit the photo or even add another effect if you want.

image 5

I have just changed a few sliders around in image treatment and my watercolour elephant is done.

Just go to file save as jpeg and if you want to come back and do further editing you can also save your session.

final image

Hope you found this useful, now go and be creative.


Andrew Buchanan’s update, Summer 2015


Images from Andrew Buchanan

Andrew Buchanan from ArtyFacts has been using Smart Photo Editor for many years and has contributed many effects to the Smart Photo Editor Effects gallery. He is still very busy and enjoying his work with Smart Photo Editor.

He wanted to share his ongoing work with the Smart Photo Editor community, so here is his latest album. Check out the effects he has used from Smart Photo Editor.

Isolating an object on a plain background

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to isolate an object on a plain background. This can be useful for product photography or for creating artworks.

Step One: Open your image.
Screenshot (12)



Step Two: Click ‘Select Area’ and choose ‘Background’
Screenshot (13)



Step Three: Use the brush to paint over any area that you want to remove. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, we’ll go back and adjust this later.

Screenshot (14)


Step Four: Click ‘Confirm Selection and Browse Effects’ and choose your new background.
Screenshot (15)


Step Five: Click the mask tab at the top right of the screen to adjust the mask. Don’t forget that you have three brushes to choose from ‘Find Soft Edge’, ‘Find Hard Edge’ and ‘Airbrush’. You might want to use a combination of the three to get the best results.

Screenshot (17)


Step Six: You’re finished.
Screenshot (18)


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