Fantasy Background Tutorial

magical backgroundCreating a fantasy background in Smart Photo Editor couldn’t be easier check out the tutorial below.


Untitled-3Open your image in Smart Photo Editor.Untitled-4Click the Select Area Button on the right, then click Background.Untitled-5Go around your image, then click the Bucket icon so your whole background is masked. Then click the Confirm Selection and Browse Effects button.Untitled-9Browse Through the effects.Untitled-10Purple Fantasy is the name of this effect. Adjust the sliders until you are happy and click Ok.Untitled-11Click the Effects Gallery Button and chose a Darken effect.Untitled-1Don’t forget to save your image and your session.

SPE idea_pesm

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BBQ Invite Tutorial

Summer season is coming to an end but whilst it’s still around a BBQ is a great idea and with Smart Photo Editor you can make a great BBQ invite in minutes.

Check out the tutorial below to see how easy it is.

Untitled-9Open your image is Smart Photo Editor.Untitled-10Click on the Text button on the right hand side.
Untitled-8Move the Text to the top and increase the size.Untitled-7Change the text by clicking the text box on the left of the screen and type in BBQ. Also flick through the different fonts to find the one that fits best.

White is the best color for the font if you are going for a food photo background, as it stands out, rather than blending in.Untitled-5Click on the Text button again on the right.Untitled-6Move this text box to the left bottom corner, and type in the details for your BBQ .Untitled-2Now all the text is done, the last step is the final touches, click on the Effects Editor button at the top on the right hand side.Untitled-3Look through the Effects to see what makes the food background look the most appetizing.Untitled-4This effect is called Dec rad in vig.

Adjust the Master Slider if needed and click OK once you have finished.Untitled-1You are now ready to go, so save your invite and send it out ready for your BBQ!
bbq invite

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Turn Any Image into a Vintage Style Polaroid in Seconds

Printing actual Polaroid’s are expensive and there is no way to guarantee your image turns out well. With Smart Photo Editor you can make any image into a Polaroid style image in seconds, making in perfect every time.
image 1

The first thing I do is apply an effect to the whole image, click the Effects Gallery button (it is on the top right hand side), the effect I picked is called ‘Storm’. To narrow down the search on the left hand side there are a range of selections.


Untitled-3Now to apply the border layer, click the Effects Gallery button again, this time go to the left and narrow the search down to Border> Vintage Border.


Pick a border you like, don’t worry where the border is currently as you can move it.


I chose the effect ‘Polaroid Black and White’, once clicked on it, you can edit. Move the border and resize if necessary and chose how to frame your image.

Click Ok when you have finished.


The last step now is to crop what didn’t fit into the border, on the right hand side near the bottom is a Crop button. Now just adjust the outline.

All that is now left to do is save the image.

final on black backgroundI have put a black background around the image so you can see the border.

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Double Exposure Tutorial

This might sound like it would be really hard to do but it is quite straight forward, as you will see from this tutorial.

orginal image

Firstly, you need to pick your two images, the Portrait should be quite close in on her face to get the best of the effect.

image 1

Once you have loaded your portrait image you click the Composition button on the right hand side and on the right will appear two options overlay and underlay, we want overlay so click the New button and then you can select your photo.

image 3

Once your image has been loaded in, you can change the opacity of your image by sliding the slider, to be however strong or weak you want the cityscape to be in your photo.

image 4

On the right hand side there is an Erase From Selection button, click on this and then start to go around the outline of the portrait all the way to the edges of the photo, to rid of the the unwanted cityscape in the rest of the photo.

image 5

The next step is the change the background of the image, to do this click the Select Area button on the right, then click Background, and select the whole background.

If you select something you didn’t mean to you can select the Undo button or click on Erase From Select button and go over the part you didn’t mean to select.

image 6

After you have selected the background click Confirm Select and Browse Effect button.

image 7

The effect that I chose for my background was called Brightness. You can change the effect by sliding the slider to the left and when you are happy just click the OK button.

This can be your finished piece of if you want, or you can add an effect to the whole image, on the image below I have added the effect Beautiful.

image 8

If you want the image in black and white, that is really simple, if it is the whole image you can just add an effect at the end, if its the first image then add the effect before you start of in its the image that you are adding, the easiest way to do this is by adding an effect to the image and saving it as a jpeg before you get started with this.

4 finished images

Four different alternatives for the Final Image. All just have a different effect over the top.

Top – Perceptual Black and White, Beautiful

Bottom – no effect, Contrast Vignette Effect

This is done in just a few steps, and the end result looks like it took forever to achieve.

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