Spooky House Tutorial

beforeand after

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we would share a spooky house tutorial with you. Check it out below:

Untitled-1Open your image up in Smart Photo Editor.
Untitled-2Click on the Image Treatment button on the right hand side. Untitled-3Click on the Effects Gallery button and narrow search Style>Horror Film, this effect is called Ghost. Adjust the sliders if needed.Untitled-4Click on Composite and select your spooky image. Click Select Area and Erase for Selection. Work your way round the image and click on the Bucket icon to remove the remainder of the background.Untitled-5Click the Move, Rotate and Scale and resize your image and move it into the darkness.Untitled-6Click the Effect Gallery button and narrow the search down to Light>Darken, this effect is called Dark impact.Untitled-7For an extra spook do the pumpkin face step again but this time add in to an upstairs window.

end image2small

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Never Ending Illusion Tutorial


Illusions that seem to goes on forever always looks incredible and they are easier to make than you think. Check out the tutorial below:
Untitled-1Open your image up in Smart Photo Editor. Untitled-2Click on the Composite button on the right.Untitled-3Click New next to Overlay and select the same image. Adjust the size of the image so it is distinguishable from the background.
Untitled-4Click the Select Area>Erase From Selection and work your way the object.
Untitled-5Once you have worked your way all the way round click on the Bucket icon that will appear to remove the rest of the unwanted background.
Untitled-6Click on the Move, Rotate and Scale button and move you image so that it fits within itself.Untitled-7Zoom in and go over any parts that weren’t removed or need adding back.Untitled-8Save this as a Jpeg.Untitled-9Click on Composite again and New next to Overlay this time selecting the image you just saved.Untitled-10Just like before reduce the size of your image and work your way round the unwanted pages. Resize and move so it fits within itself again, zooming in might help.
Untitled-11Once again save your image as a Jpeg.Untitled-12Again go to Composite and New under Overlay, selecting this new image and repeat the previous steps again.
Untitled-14Your illusion image is now finished. All that is left to do is save the image and the session.finalsmall

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Add Realistic Mist to Your Photos Tutorial

Untitled-1Adding mist to your photos sounds like something that is easier said than done but it couldn’t be any easier with Smart Photo Editor. Check out the tutorial below to find out how to add realistic looking mist to your photos.Untitled-5Open your image up in Smart Photo Editor.Untitled-6Click the composite button on your right.Untitled-7Select the mist layer and resize if needed.Untitled-8Reduce the Opacity of the Layer.Untitled-9Click the Select Area and Erase From Selection. Work your way round the areas you don’t want the mist to be as strong. Untitled-10Once done click on Add to Select and then the Airbrush button, reduce the Opacity of Airbrush.

Go over the area where there is no mist, by adding more at a lower Opacity it helps create the realist look by blending the mist of it looks more gradual.
Untitled-11If you go over an area too much click the Erase for Selection button and reduce the Opacity to really low and go over the areas.

You can also reduce the Opacity of the whole Layer at any time to find the best amount.Untitled-13Don’t forget to save your image and session.


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Editing Newborn Photography – Batch

before and afterNewborn photographs are more than just a photo they are a treasured memory, so you as a photographer try to make them as amazing as possible.

This can take ages in Photoshop but there is an easier way. Smart Photo Editor can improve your newborn photographs in a few simple clicks with Batch options. Check out the tutorial below to find out.

Untitled-4Open your first image up in Smart Photo Editor.Untitled-5Click on the Effects Gallery button on the top right and find the effect Smart Contrast, use the search bar to find.
Untitled-29Move the Master Slider to where you want it and click OK.Untitled-6Click on the Effects Gallery button again.Untitled-2This time the effect you are looking for is called Sharpen, adjust the Master Slider according.

You are now finished, don’t forget to save your session.

small final

For Batch Photographs

Once you have finished, click File>Batch Apply Effect and select all the images you want the same effects applied to and Smart Photo Editor will save them all. It’s as easy as that.batch images


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