Make the Digital Copies of your Watercolor Painting Pop with Smart Photo Editor

before and afterWhen scanning your Watercolor painting the color seems more faded in the digital copy, you can correct this easily in Smart Photo Editor. Check out the tutorial below.Untitled-1Open your image up in Smart Photo Editor.Untitled-2Click on the Effects Gallery button on the top right hand side. Find a detail effect, this one is called Detail.Untitled-3Click on the Effects Gallery button and narrow down your search to Detail>Darken.
Untitled-4This effect is called Darken.Untitled-5 If you have paint flecks in unwanted places you can easily remove these. Click on the Erase button on the right hand side.Untitled-6Go over the are with the flecks and choose the area you want it cloned from.shutterstock_1015939276_pe

You now have a beautiful digital copy of your Watercolor painting with the colors just as bright as your original.

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