Fun Tutorial for Kids – Dinosaur Playing Golf with Smart Photo Editor

shutterstock_560480524Check out the fun tutorial below for your kids to do.Untitled-5Open your golf course image up in Smart Photo Editor.

Click on the Composite button on the right hand side.
Untitled-1Click New next to Overlay on the left hand side and find your dinosaur image.

Click Select Area and Erase from Selection and work your way round the dinosaur, making sure you go all the way round.

Once you have gone all the way round a Bucket icon will appear, click on it to remove the rest of the unwanted background.Untitled-2Click the Move, Rotate and Scale button on the left and move your dinosaur to your chosen location.Untitled-3Repeat the steps above but with your golf club. Untitled-4Repeat the steps again but with the golf ball.

Your image is now complete, don’t forget to save your image and your Session incase you want to come back at a later date.


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