Create your own Ghost Photos for Halloween

If you’re throwing a party at home this Halloween, why not unsettle your guests by replacing your usual photographs with spooky alternatives?
This tutorial will show you how in just 6 easy steps.

1. Open your starter image in Smart Photo Editor. Why not use a family portrait?

Step 1  2. Click on the Composite tool.

Step 2

3. Add a new overlay and choose your ghost image.

Step 3 4. Resize and position your overlay.

Step 4

5. Use the selection brushes to erase any unwanted areas of the overlay.

Step 5

6. Reduce the transparency of the layer to make your ghoul see-through.

Step 6



Now simply put your new photos into your photo frames and watch your guests double take as they catch sight of your haunted portraits!

3 thoughts on “Create your own Ghost Photos for Halloween”

  1. RE: Halloween Themes

    I’ve been a user of SME for a while now and I’m wondering if there are any Halloween overlays built in at the moment. I would much rather use those than going the composite route.

    1. Hi Patrick,

      There are some effects in the Effects Gallery that would be suitable for a Halloween image.

      If you go to the Effects Gallery and select from the Style, you will see both Gothic effects and Horror film effects which might be suitable for your needs.

      Hope this helps!

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