Isolating an object on a plain background

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to isolate an object on a plain background. This can be useful for product photography or for creating artworks.

Step One: Open your image.
Screenshot (12)



Step Two: Click ‘Select Area’ and choose ‘Background’
Screenshot (13)



Step Three: Use the brush to paint over any area that you want to remove. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, we’ll go back and adjust this later.

Screenshot (14)


Step Four: Click ‘Confirm Selection and Browse Effects’ and choose your new background.
Screenshot (15)


Step Five: Click the mask tab at the top right of the screen to adjust the mask.┬áDon’t forget that you have three brushes to choose from ‘Find Soft Edge’, ‘Find Hard Edge’ and ‘Airbrush’. You might want to use a combination of the three to get the best results.

Screenshot (17)


Step Six: You’re finished.
Screenshot (18)


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3 thoughts on “Isolating an object on a plain background”

  1. Can you please give a more detailed explanation of removing a background and making it black or white. I’ve spent hours on your program to no avail.

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