Drones and Post Processing Your Images


Drones can help you to capture images you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

A few tips when first trying out your drone:

  • Don’t try and fly too high or for too long, start off slow and learn how to control it before taking it up high
  • Just like when using your camera try to shot with the sun behind you, not in-front
  • Don’t fly when it’s windy
  • Some places do ban drones so make sure you check before lift off

Post processing these photos with Smart Photo Editor couldn’t be easier.

before and after

Before (left) and After (right), click image to see bigger.


Open your image up in Smart Photo Editor.Untitled-3

The first step is the straighten your image.

Click the Straighten button on the right hand side.

Adjust the horizontal line so that it is straight and click Apply.

Now click the Effects Gallery button (at the top of the right hand side).

Type HDR into the search bar, this is a quicker way to find the effects that you are looking for.

The effect I picked is called Hdri.Untitled-7

Click on your chosen effect and you will get the screen above. Adjust the Master Slider to what looks best for your image. Then click OK.Untitled-8

Repeat the above step except this time search contrast in the search bar.

The effect I chose is called Contrast.Untitled-9

Once again repeat the above but search for sharpen, the effect I used is called Subtle Sharpen.

Remember you can adjust your sliders so the effect is just how you want it.Untitled-10

Now all that is left to do is save your image.


Download a free trial now to try out editing your drone photos now!

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