Smart Photo Editor Tutorial: Drip Paint Buildings

For this tutorial you will need two images, the first of the building and the second of some dripping paint.


The first thing to do is to open your image of the building in Smart Photo Editor.

On the right hand side click the button Composition.


Now on the left there is Overlay at the top and underlay near the bottom, click the New button next to Overlay and open up your paint dripping image.

Resize and move your image to where you want it (click on the Move Resize and Scale button on the left).

Once in place click the Select Area button then Erase From Selection button.

Now go carefully around your paint removing all areas that need removing. It is a good idea to be zoomed in when doing this.

Also reducing the Opacity is good to see exactly where needs removing.



The last step I have done is to add an effect to the whole image.

Click the Effects Gallery button on the top right hand side, you can narrow down your search by the options on the left.


The effect I chose was called Glossy Cover.

This is the end result,to try out for yourself download a free trial now.

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