3D Photo Manipulation Tutorial

3D Photo Manipulation images look amazing and very hard to make. This is not the case using Smart Photo Editor.


The First thing to do is open your background image in Smart Photo Editor.


Click the Composition button on the right hand side.

On the left hand side click the New button next to Overlay. Chose your  select your second image.


On the left hand side click the Move, Resize and Scale button.


Resize your image and move over to where you want it, reducing the Opacity helps to place the image exactly where you want it.

Once placed, click on the Select Area button.


Click the Lasso tab and go around where you want the image to appear from.


Once you have gone around your image, two rows of lines will appear, move them so they line up to where you want them.


Once done click on the Edge Finder tab.


Click Erase From Selection, and click to Find Hard Edge.


Start to delete the unwanted parts, using the fill buckets can save a lot of time.


Zooming in as you go around can help to get the results more exact.


Now up the Opacity to full and click the Add to Selection button.


Now go around adding back the rest of your image, don’t worry if you go too far over just make sure you get everything you needed added back.


Now click the Erase From Selection button and erase the last few bits.


Now all that is left to do is save your image, unless you want to crop your image down, the Crop button is on the left hand side.

final image small

Download a free trial of Smart Photo Editor now to try out your own 3D manipulation image.

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