Fake Long Exposure Tutorial – Water


Open your image up in Smart Photo Editor.


Click Select Area button, then Water on the pop up that will appear.


Carefully select the water, it’s okay if you go too far over, you can correct this afterwards by selecting the Erase from Selection button and going over the unwanted parts┬áto remove.

Once you have selected all the water click Confirm Selection and Browse Effects button.


The effect is called Slow shutter speed – water F6, click on this effect to see the effect applied to the image.

Don’t worry if the effect is too strong for your image, you can adjust the Master Slider to make the effect weaker/stronger.


You can leave your image here or for an even stronger effect, turn the image black and white.

Click the Effects Gallery button on the right hand side.


On the left, go to Color>Black and White.

Black and White Sharp was the effect I chose, but chose what works best with your image.



This is the final image, click here to download a free trial of Smart Photo Editor now.

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