Person in a Bottle Illusion Tutorial

before and afterIt is super easy to transform a regular empty bottle into an incredible illusion with Smart Photo Editor.

Check out the tutorial below, for this tutorial you will only need two images, a bottle and a person.


Open your bottle image up in Smart Photo Editor.Untitled-2

Click the Composite button on the right hand side.Untitled-3

On the left hand side, click the New button next to Overlay.Untitled-4

Select the image of the person you want to use.

On the left hand side you can reduce the opacity of your image and click on the Move, Resize and Scale button, to place your person where you would like them, you can change this later.Untitled-5

Click the Select Area button on the left hand side and slowly go around your person zooming in if needed.

Once you have gone all the way around a bucket will appear to remove the rest of the background. Click on the Bucket and increase the Opacity if you haven’t already.Untitled-7


Click the New button next to Overlay again, and select the bottle image again, and lower the Opacity.

This makes it look like the person is inside the bottle.


The last step, if you aren’t happy about the position of your person you can move them.

Make sure you select Layer 1 and click Move, Resize and Scale button and experiment moving the person around (hold down the circle around the image to rotate).

All that is left to do is now save your image.


Click here to download a free trial of Smart Photo Editor to try out this tutorial now!

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