Movie Poster Inspired Photo Tutorial

Want to liven up your holiday snaps? Got a favorite old movie, want to combine the two? Then this tutorial is for you!

jaws 2 smallThe first thing you will need to do is gather together the images you want to use.

Open up your background image is Smart Photo Editor.Untitled-2

Click the Composition button on the right hand side.Untitled-3

Chose your first image.Untitled-4

Click the Move, Resize and Scale button on your left and move and resize your image to where you want it.Untitled-5

Click the Select Area button and zoom in on your image and go round the image’s background.

Once you have gone all the way round a Bucket icon will appear, click this to delete the remaining part you want removed.Untitled-7

Now click New button next to Overlay on your left hand side and select your second image.Untitled-8

Move and resize if wanted and then click on the Select Area button and outline the unwanted areas.Untitled-9

Once again click the Bucket icon to remove the rest.

Reduce the Opacity by moving the slider on the left and then erase the unwanted overlapping areas.Untitled-11

For this image we aren’t upping the Opacity back all the way as we want to see the feet under the water.Untitled-12

Click the New button next to overlay again and move and scale the new image accordingly.Untitled-13

As before work your way around the unwanted background and click the Bucket icon to remove it all.


Click on the water layer and work your way around the edge until you are happy with how the water looks.

Click the Text button on the right. Type in the white box that appears on the left. You can change the font, size and color.

Also hover over the text to move and resize, increasing the size further.Untitled-16

The last step if to add an effect to your whole image, this effect is called texture4u_011.

jaws 2 small

Your final image is now perfect for your wall and desktop background. A fond memory from your holiday that’s way better than the usual snaps.

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