Create Your Own Litchenstein Masterpiece

Turn your photographs in Litchenstein masterpieces with this simple tutorial below.

You will need:

an image of a woman (or man)

speech bubble image
Untitled-1Open your image up in Smart Photo Editor.Untitled-2Click the Select Area button on the right hand side, and click Skin on the pop up.Untitled-3Select all the skin, zooming in might make this easier.Untitled-4Once you have selected all of the skin click the Confirm Selection and Browse Effects button on the left.
Untitled-5Chose the effect Pinkout and adjust the master slider until  you are happy with the effect, we are aiming to smooth the skin and color to be quite pale.
Untitled-6Click the Select Area button and select Skin. Now click the Add Skin button, and the area you selected before will show up.

Click the Confirm Selection and Browse Effects button.Untitled-7Now we use the options on our left to narrow down the search, Artist>Lichenstein. Untitled-8Browse the effects, for this step moving all the sliders is needed, the effect used here is Exterior.

Click OK once you are happy with the outcome.
Untitled-10Click the Composite button on the right hand side.Untitled-11Select your speech bubble image.Untitled-12Click the Select Area button and Erase all the parts you don’t need, zooming in here helps.Untitled-13Once you have gone around the outline click the Bucket icon that appears to remove the rest of the unwanted background.Untitled-14Now it is time to move the speech bubble to the right place, do this by clicking the Move, Rotate and Scale button on the left.
Untitled-17Click the Text button on the right. Move the text to where you want it and resize.Untitled-18Type your chosen text on the left and choose you font, this is Segoe Script.small afterYour Masterpiece is now finished and ready to be saved.

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