Turn your Festival Photos into a Montage

Going to a festival is a fun experience but the photos usually just get left on your phone or camera. This is where Smart Photo Editor’s Montage creator is amazing.

Create a montage that you can have as a screen background or print out and frame, and it’s much easier than you would think.
Untitled-2replaceOn opening up Smart Photo Editor, click File>New Montage.Untitled-3replaceChoose your size and don’t worry too much about your background color, click OK.

Untick the Border tab if you don’t want a border.Untitled-4Now you get to pick the Texture (background) for your montage. Flick through narrowing down the search if you want and click OK once you have picked.Untitled-5This texture is called Wood grain textures 002 F6.

On the left hand side click the New button, and chose your first image.
Untitled-6Click the Move, Rotate and Scale button on the left hand side. Resize your image and move to where you want it rotating if you wish.

If you want your photos to be Polaroid style, check out this tutorial.Untitled-9Once the first image if where you want do the same for the next images one at a time.Untitled-10You can go back and move previous images by clicking on their layer on the left.Untitled-7Once you are happy with where you have placed all your image, all that is left to do is save your montage and a Jpeg and as a session incase you want to go back and change something later.

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