How to Blur the Background Tutorial

Check out the tutorial below to find out how quick and easy it is to blur your background with Smart Photo Editor.
Untitled-1Open your image up in Smart Photo Editor. Untitled-2Click on the Select Area button on the top right hand side.
Untitled-3Click on Background.Untitled-4Go around the outline of the person.Untitled-7Click on the Bucket icon that appears to fill in the rest of the background, then click on the Confirm Selection and Browse Effects button.Untitled-8Find the effect called Blur, search for it in the Search Bar on the right.
Untitled-6Click on the Effect and then move the Master slider on the left until you are happy with the result.

Now all that is left to do is save the image, it’s that easy!shutterstock_372567424_pe

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