Amazing Underwater Photo Illusion Tutorial

small amazing underwater illusion

With this tutorial we are taking you underwater to show you what our Smart Photo Editor can do.Untitled-6Open the underwater image up in Smart Photo Editor.
Untitled-7Click on the Composition button on the right hand side.Untitled-14Click on the New button next to Overlay and pick your landscape image.Untitled-8Click the Move, Rotate and Scale button on the left and adjust the size of your image and move in (reduce the Opacity but moving the Opacity slider to position the image where you want it).Untitled-15Once your landscape image is where you want it, click the Select Area button and then the Erase From Selection button.

Now go around the part of the landscape you want to keep, making sure you keep in the line with the turtle behind to get the effect to look more realistic.

Once you have gone around what you are keeping click the Bucket icon that appears to get rid of the rest of the landscape.Untitled-9Zooming in on the image helps with this.Untitled-10Once you have finished with the landscape layer, click the New button next to Overlay again and select the bird image.

This time is is easier to remove the background before resizing. Click on the Select Area button and Erase From Selection then go around the birds.

Click on the Bucket icon when you are done to remove the remainder of the background.
Untitled-11Now click the Move Rotate and Scale button and move the birds.Untitled-12Repeat the above step with the birds again.Untitled-13Once done re-scale and move these birds to near the back of the turtle.Untitled-16Click the Effects Gallery button on the top right hand side.Untitled-4The first effect to be applied is called Hdr, adjusting the Master slider.
Untitled-3Now click the Crop button on the right hand side and crop in on the turtle.

Click Apply when done.Untitled-2Click the Effects Gallery button and this time type Sharpen into the search bar. Adjust the slider down to suit what you want.Untitled-1Click the Effects Gallery button again and on the left hand side search Detail>Contrast. The effect chosen here is called Auto contrast, adjusting the Master slider once again.
small amazing underwater illusionAll now that is left to do is save the image. Creating this amazing image is super easy to do so download your free trial now to try it out for yourself!


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