Editing Newborn Photography – Batch

before and afterNewborn photographs are more than just a photo they are a treasured memory, so you as a photographer try to make them as amazing as possible.

This can take ages in Photoshop but there is an easier way. Smart Photo Editor can improve your newborn photographs in a few simple clicks with Batch options. Check out the tutorial below to find out.

Untitled-4Open your first image up in Smart Photo Editor.Untitled-5Click on the Effects Gallery button on the top right and find the effect Smart Contrast, use the search bar to find.
Untitled-29Move the Master Slider to where you want it and click OK.Untitled-6Click on the Effects Gallery button again.Untitled-2This time the effect you are looking for is called Sharpen, adjust the Master Slider according.

You are now finished, don’t forget to save your session.

small final

For Batch Photographs

Once you have finished, click File>Batch Apply Effect and select all the images you want the same effects applied to and Smart Photo Editor will save them all. It’s as easy as that.batch images


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