Create your own Christmas Montage with Smart Photo Editor

final1 Check out the tutorial below to create your own festive Christmas Montage.Untitled-1 Open up your first image in Smart Photo Editor.Untitled-2Click on the Effects Gallery button on the top right and search for Polariod frame. Move and resize the frame, clicking OK when happy.Untitled-3Click the Crop button and crop out the rest of your image.

Repeat with the rest of your images.Untitled-4Click File> New Montage. Search Wood in the search bar for your background.Untitled-5Click the Composite button on the right hand side.Untitled-6Choose the first Polaroid image and click the Move, Scale and Rotate button. Move and resize your image to your desired location.

Repeat this step for the rest of your Polaroid images. Untitled-7Once you have placed all your images, click the effects gallery button and search snow, chose a snow effect and click OK.Untitled-8Add Snowflakes to make your Montage sparkle. Click on Composite then New next to Overlay and select your snow flake image. Remove the unwanted background from your snowflakes and then resize and place.
Untitled-9Your image is now ready to be saved. Don’t forget to save your Session as well in case you want to come back and edit at a later date.final1

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