Create Your Own Mystical Creature – Pegasus

shutterstock_653647867 Creating your own mystical creature with Smart Photo Editor is super easy, check out the tutorial below.Untitled-1Open up your image of a horse and click the Effects Gallery button on the top right.Untitled-2Apply the Effect Pop, adjust the Master Fade Slider to suit your image.Untitled-3Click the Composite button on the right. Select New next to Overlay and choose you wings image.

Select Area and work your way round on of the wings, when you have worked all the way from the wing click the bucket icon to remove the rest of the background.Untitled-4Click Move, Rotate and Scale button and adjust the wing to accordingly. Untitled-5Repeat this for the second wing.Untitled-6Click New next to Underlay and chose your background image. Select Area> Erase from Selection and the background covering your Pegasus. Untitled-7The last step is to click Effects Gallery and find the effect Darken.


Download your free trial now to try this out for yourself!

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