Turn Your Pet into a Superhero

shutterstock_178040375Check out the fun tutorial below to turn your pet into a superhero in under 5 minutes.Untitled-11The first thing to do is open up your background image in Smart Photo Editor.Untitled-12Click on the Effects Gallery button on the top right and apply the effect Pop to bring out the colors a little bit.Untitled-13Click on the Composite button on the right and then New next to Overlay on the left and chose the image of your pet.Untitled-14Work your way around your pet and click the Bucket Icon that appears, to get rid of the rest of the unwanted background.Untitled-15Click the Move, Rotate and Scale button and adjust your pet to the right size and chosen location.
Untitled-16Next is the Superhero cloak, work your way round the cloak and remove the unwanted background.Untitled-17Click the Move, Rotate and Scale button and adjust the cloak to fit your pet.
Untitled-18If your cloak doesn’t have a ribbon tie repeat the steps above with a tie.Untitled-19The last step is click the Effects Gallery button and fit the effect Hyper-real.


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