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Smart Photo Editor is made by Anthropics Technology, best known for their market – leading portrait retouching software, Portrait Professional.

Anthropics Technology Ltd is a software research and development company with a world-class record of innovation in graphics and animation software.

Based in London, England, the company started its commercial operations by developing uniquely powerful animation software for leading companies in the mobile telecoms industry including Nokia, Vodafone and others. Click here for more information.

More recently, the company has created Portrait Professional– the world’s first intelligent portrait retouching software. Based on extensive in-house research, Portrait Professional has been trained with hundreds of photos of people, so it actually knows about human appearance and beauty. Consequently, Portrait Professional is massively faster, and easier to use than general purpose touch-up software. Portrait Professional has been a commercial success. The software has received excellent reviews worldwide and shown strong sales growth since launch with each new release causing a step change upwards in sales. This in turn, has meant that Anthropics is thriving, and developing its graphics software fast, with an exciting roadmap of further key innovations.

Developed by the same team, Smart Photo Editor brings to you community-powered photo editing. Smart Photo Editor brings you the best of both worlds – a photo editor that anyone can use, but with astonishing power and flexibility.

Here we aim to open the world of Smart Photo Editor, and provide you with some helpful hints and tips for a more creative and artistic journey with Smart Photo Editor.  We look forward to sharing this journey with you, and we look forward to meeting you.

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