Animal Photo Manipulation Tutorial

small updated final image

Blending animals together is easier than you would think, check out the tutorial below using the software Smart Photo Editor.

Untitled-1Open your first image up in SPE.Untitled-2Click the Erase buttonUntitled-3Go over the parts of the face that will stick out the most, this depends on what animal you pick, this helps with the blending later on.Untitled-4Now click the Composite button on the right.Untitled-5Click the New button next to Overlay on the top left hand side.Untitled-6Click on the Move, Rotate and Scale button and move this second image to roughly where you want it, reducing the Opacity by using the slider is helpful.Untitled-7Click on the Select Area button and the Erase from Selection button and then work your way round the area you want to keep.

Clicking the Bucket icon to remove the rest of the unwanted area.
8Click on the New button next to Overlay again.7Just as with the image before, move and rescale the image.

Then work your way around the unwanted area again.
Click on the Crop button on the right when you have finished and crop in on your image.Untitled-11Click on the Composite button again, but this time click New button next to Underlay.

Once you have selected this image, click the Select Area and the Add to Selection button. Work your way round the creature you have made slowly, zooming in to make your selection more accurate.
Untitled-13Once you have gone all the way round click on the Bucket icon that appears to remove the rest of the unwanted background.1When you are happy with the new background, click on the Area Treatment button.2Select all the areas that are too light on your create.3Play round with Exposure and Brightness sliders until you have happy with the results.4Click on the Effects Gallery button on the top right.5Search for the effect ‘Vibrant colors’ in the search bar. Adjust the sliders and click OK.

Now all that is left to do is save your image, don’t forget to also save it as a session incase you want to come back and work on it further.

small updated final image

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Creating a Dramatic Landscape Tutorial

Turn a landscape into a dramatic landscape by following this simple tutorial.  Untitled-1Open your image up in Smart Photo Editor.Untitled-2Click the Composition button on the right hand side.
Untitled-3Click the New button next to Overlay and select your image.
Untitled-4Once your image had loaded start to work your away around the person.Untitled-5Once you have worked the whole way round Bucket Icons will appear, click on the Bucket icon that will removing the unwanted background.Untitled-6Now click on the Move Rotate and Scale button on the left and adjust the size of the person and then move to where you want them.Untitled-7Once in place click the Effect Gallery button on the top right.Untitled-8Now to darken the image to give it that gloomy and stormy look. The first effect applied is called Darken & Improve Contrast.

Search in the searchbar or narrow the search by Light>Darken on the left. Untitled-9Once you have  clicked on the effect this screen comes up where you can adjust the strength of the effect by using the Master slider.

Click OK once you are done.Untitled-14Repeat the above steps but with the effect Dark Impact.Untitled-10Once you have finished click the Crop button on the right hand side.
Move the selection box over to the area that you want.Untitled-12Click Apply once done, if you don’t like your selection just click apply again to get the full image back.Untitled-13The last change to make to the image is to add another effect, doing this the same as the ones before this effect is called Nice image stormy sea with woman

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