Creating a Basic Montage


This tutorial will teach you how to make a simple photo-montage using Smart Photo Editor. Photo-montages are a wonderful way to preserve treasured memories and also make great gifts.


Step 1:

Click File> New Montage and you will be given a pop-up dialogue with some options for your montage. Select the size you would like your image to be and decide whether you would like to choose a background texture and border for your montage. (Click the image to see a larger version)

Montage Step 1

Step 2:

Browse through the texture gallery to choose your background. You can use the search bar on the right hand side to look for specific keywords. Once you’ve made your choice, click OK.

Montage Step 2

Step 3:

Next, choose your border. This time, we’re going to use a simple transparent border.

Montage Step 3

Step 4:

You will now see your workspace with the Composite menu on the left. Click New to add a new image to the montage. While Move, Rotate and Scale is selected you can drag the image, resize them and use the rotate wheel to rotate them.

Montage Step 4

Step 5:

Images that you add later can be overlaid on earlier layers.

Montage Step 5

Step 6:

Once you’re done, you can continue to work on the image as you would with any other photo in Smart Photo Editor. Here we’ve added some text, but you could also apply effects to the image.

Montage Step 6


Now you’re all done! Why not create your own and share them with us on Facebook