Improve your Landscapes in Seconds with Smart Photo Editor

before and after

Find out how to improve your landscape photos in seconds with Smart Photo Editor.

Untitled-1Open your image up in Smart Photo Editor and click the Gallery Effects button on the top right.

Search for the effect Darken and Improve Contrast F6, lower the Master Slider to the correct level for your image.

Click OK once done.Untitled-2Click the Effect Gallery button, under Detail click Sharpen and find the effect to suit your image, this effect is called Girls.


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Creating a Dramatic Landscape Tutorial

Turn a landscape into a dramatic landscape by following this simple tutorial.  Untitled-1Open your image up in Smart Photo Editor.Untitled-2Click the Composition button on the right hand side.
Untitled-3Click the New button next to Overlay and select your image.
Untitled-4Once your image had loaded start to work your away around the person.Untitled-5Once you have worked the whole way round Bucket Icons will appear, click on the Bucket icon that will removing the unwanted background.Untitled-6Now click on the Move Rotate and Scale button on the left and adjust the size of the person and then move to where you want them.Untitled-7Once in place click the Effect Gallery button on the top right.Untitled-8Now to darken the image to give it that gloomy and stormy look. The first effect applied is called Darken & Improve Contrast.

Search in the searchbar or narrow the search by Light>Darken on the left. Untitled-9Once you have  clicked on the effect this screen comes up where you can adjust the strength of the effect by using the Master slider.

Click OK once you are done.Untitled-14Repeat the above steps but with the effect Dark Impact.Untitled-10Once you have finished click the Crop button on the right hand side.
Move the selection box over to the area that you want.Untitled-12Click Apply once done, if you don’t like your selection just click apply again to get the full image back.Untitled-13The last change to make to the image is to add another effect, doing this the same as the ones before this effect is called Nice image stormy sea with woman

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Photographing Sunset Tips & Tutorial

Sunsets can make some of the most beautiful photographs, but can easily fall flat if you don’t have your camera in the right settings.

Here are a few tips that will help you create better sunset photographs.

Shot wide- Don’t zoom in when taking sunset photographs, shot as wide as your lens will let you.

Shot in HDR – Is perfect for sunset and it creates greater contrast in your images.

Under exposure – Just slightly underexposing will make the colors look more rich and defined.

Don’t forget about the foreground – Spend time thinking about the foreground, don’t just think about the sunset, think about the image as a whole.

NO FILTERS – Not even a UV filter, for sunsets it is best to go filter free to create the best images possible.

Horizon – Don’t shot with the horizon right in the middle of the photo, try to get it about 2/3rds way down the image.

Look around you – Don’t be so focused that you are blind to the rest of the surroundings, look around to see what other angles and directions you could shot from.

Manual Mode – This is the best to shot in once the light has started to fade from the sky, when the sun is still out shooting in Aperature priority.

Don’t just shot and leave, stay around a little, the sky might look even better in half hours time.

Post Processing – this is so important with sunset photographs as it gets the photograph looking its absolute best, check out the tutorial below to see how quick and easy it is to do in Smart Photo Editor.

sunset image 1

Open up your image in Smart Photo Editor.
sunset image 2

Click the Effects Gallery button on the top right hand side.sunset image 3

Choose the Effect called Darken & improve contrast.
sunset image 4

Once you have clicked on it, your image with the effect applied will appear bigger with some slider on the left hand side.

Move the Master slider to get the effect just right for your image. This first step will help to correct the sky.

Click OK once you are happy.sunset image 5

The next step is to go to the Effects Gallery button again and this time narrow down your search on the left hand side Detail> Depth of Field.

sunset image 6

The effect I chose is Depth of Field but you can pick a different one if you think it will work better with your photograph. Once again click your chosen one and adjust the sliders to suit your needs. sunset image 7

Click the Effects Gallery button again. sunset image 8

Narrow down the search again on the right by choosing Light>HDR and pick the effect that goes best, the one I selected is called Hdri. sunset image 9

Click OK once you have adjusted the sliders.sunset image 10

Once again click the Effects Gallery button, this time type in the search bar on the right, ‘fix exposure’ for the effect.sunset image 11

For this effect I have the Master Slider very low down.

This is the end result, looking at the before and after you can see the massive improvement to the photograph, simply by adding four effects/image corrects to the image in Smart Photo Editor.

before and after

Click the image above the see the before and after in more detail.

Download a free trial of Smart Photo Editor now to see how much you can improve your sunset images.